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The Process -  aka, how DOES she do it?


Graphic design (actually ALL design) is a process. And in the best case scenario, it begins with "thumbnail" sketches. That's when you sketch out several schematic ideas - just to get them on paper.


At that point, I (or the client) narrow down the selection to a manageable 1 or 2 ideas that probably will work best for the design problem at hand.


After that, ideally, I would sketch out the idea with more detail - just to be sure I've thought of everything that needs to be considered.


THEN it goes into the computer and gets refined. Trial and error. And then, it's printed off and reviewed and refined and printed off and reviewed and refined and ... well, you get the idea. Until it is as close to perfect as it can be.


A lot of things have to be considered:

      • Is any research needed?
      • Typography?
      • Colors?
      • Scale?
      • Hierarchy?
      • Illustrations or photography?  Custom or stock?
      • Copy-writing? (That stuff doesn't write itself.)
      • The final medium? Print or web?
      • The final output size? Business card or billboard?
      • And a lot more...


And, how the heck do I get ALL that information into one understandable, visually compelling and succinct piece?

Like I said - it's a process and it takes practice. Years of it.  You don't just spit out something from your computer and call it a day. Well, SOME people do that and you can spot it at 100 yards. And let's face it - you get what you pay for.


So, as an example, below are some images showing the process for a project from a couple years back.