Your source for All things design Ada Lang

I was fascinated by house and garden design at a young age and I spent a long time designing custom homes and outdoor spaces for clients. But in the back ground I was collecting images, old advertising pieces and hanging all sorts of funky stuff on my walls. Old fabric print blocks? Check. Framed labels from antique trunks or turn of the century letterheads and advertising posters? Check. That giant rusty wrench? Sure. Why not? It looked really cool.


I dabbled in newspaper reporting but I was more interested in the ads and the layout of the print papers. But I was also good at copy writing and photography and really enjoyed them both.


Then it hit me. It was graphic design that summed up what had been intriguing me the entire time. So, I went back to school and learned how to create things that always caught my eye.


Now I am lucky enough to create cool looking things that help others make sense of complex events or want to buy a product or just give them something neat to hang on their walls. Or makes them want to browse that book...


Do you want an experienced designer who puts herself in the position of you, your clients or customers with the added benefit of great imagination plus solid writing and photography skills? If so, call me. It all just boils down to telling a story. In images or words. Or both.


I can help. Let's talk.


PS - What is up with the bird? I have almost always had a singing canary in my office. Happiest sound you would ever want to hear. So, why not hear that every day?